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At, we have one goal in mind: to help small business owners find the funding necessary to achieve all their goals. We are not a direct lender, but instead offer access to over 2200 banks and lending institutions. We also provide a wealth of information that you can use to improve your chance of finding business loans and other forms of financing.

We are here to help you, regardless of your industry and financing goals, and are available to answer all of your questions. If you would like to apply for a loan, please go to our partner site  Tbe will connect you with lending partners who NEVER charge ANY fee upfront fees so you can research your options will absolutely no out of pocket expense or undue pressure.

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Obtaining a Loan For Your Business

We have been around for a long time. We have helped many entrepreneurs get the financing that they want and need to start a business. Many times receiving the amount of financing that you desire can be challenging. Luckily we have a group of experienced professionals that will help you every step of the way. The best part is that you do not have to back a single penny out of pocket. We require that all lenders and brokers in our system refrain from charging an upfront fee.

The Process:

Gather the appropriate information.
You cannot simply walk into a bank and request a loan for your business. You are required to supply plenty of documentation, from your business plan to company assets and much more. It is best to collect as much information as possible before you contact lenders for the first time.
Compare several business loans before making a decision.
Did you know that there are hundreds upon hundreds of banks and financial institutions in the country that offer business loans? As you compare several options, you will begin to see just how different they can be.
Understand the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.
Knowing how much money you are borrowing is a good start, but it is far from the only detail. Read the fine print and become familiar with other details including the term of your loan and interest rate.

Other Options Available:

Business Line of Credit

With a business line of credit, you are not receiving a “lump sum” upfront. Instead, you can borrow against your credit line as necessary. This type of financing is perfect for organizations looking for borrowing flexibility. Businesses that can show a track record of profits have a better chance of qualifying. A business line of credit is just another example that a small business can take advantage of.

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

Have you given any thought to pitching your idea to an investor? There are venture capitalist and angel investors willing to learn more about your company and potentially offer funding.

On the plus side, you don’t have to take out a loan. On the downside, you are giving up a portion of your company to the investor(s). How does that make you feel? The best option for figuring our which financial product is right for you would be to make a pro’s and con’s list and draw your own conclusion on your debt or equity financing options.

The success of your new business relies heavily on having enough capital to grow and expand. We are here to teach you more about all your options and every funding source available. Contact us and we will help find a lender that fits your needs or if you are ready to apply for financing, head on over to and learn about your options.