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Bad Credit Business Loans

So you have bad credit and you need financing for that start-up or expansion? No worries. There are many lenders and financial institutions that offer bad credit business loans. First thing first, you need to be aware of what bad credit signifies, how it is measured in the industry and how to make the best decision in securing a bad credit business loan that your small business will benefit from.

Lenders will look at your credit scores,credit reports and payment history compiled by all the major credit bureaus. It is this information which determines your score and enables credit to be measured. You may be a new business with no credit or an established business with bad credit, no matter what your situation is if your shopping for a bad credit business loan your in the right spot.

When considering a bad credit business loan there are a few things to keep your eyes open for. The most important is hidden fees which are very common in bad credit loans. Prior to accepting one of these loans make sure you have explored other options as well, there may be something else available that will work better for your small business. When you have decided the best decision for your business is a bad credit loan be certain that your payments are going to be made on time and on a monthly basis.

Keeping your personal credit separated from your business credit is a step in the right direction to getting the best bad credit business loan. This should be one of the first steps for your business before applying for any type of business loan. After this is completed it is recommended to build your business credit. You will then be able to qualify for vendor and supplier small credit lines which are used in your favor to support your credit history, and eventually qualify for larger loans. Always build and maintain good business credit with the major credit bureaus.

A bad credit business loan can be a difficult proposition. You may even feel that due to your bad credit you will not be able to get a business loan, but that is not always the case. While tradition financial institutions, such as your local bank, will not lend you money due to your bad credit there are still other non-traditional lenders that will give you a bad or poor credit business loan.

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What is Bad Personal Credit?

A person with bad credit would be considered anyone with a 640 or FICO score. While the mid-600′s are still a grey area, you will be denied more often then not when applying for a loan. In order to get a loan, you will need to separate your bad personal credit from your business credit, once that is done you can begin to seek financing for your business. There will be almost no business financing available to a person with bad personal credit and bad business credit. We suggest that folks with an above average personal credit rating try their local community or specialty lenders, they will tend to focus on a combination of business and personal credit scores until your businesses credit is established in itself.

What is Bad Business Credit?

Business credit works on a sliding scale from 0-100, with 75 and higher being excellent credit, 0-20 being bad business credit. A business with 75 or higher on Duns & Bradstreet’s scale will have no problem obtaining financing. You can see a detailed breakdown of personal and business credit scores in our credit score tables.

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