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Finance Indsutry Business Opportunity

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Are you looking to get involved with a finance related business opportunity? In today’s day and age, there is plenty of space in this industry for small start-ups. By getting the right training and properly setting up your company, this is one business opportunity that can pay off immediately.

Own a Commercial Finance Business

There are many names for this type of business. From “business loan broker” to “commercial finance business” you are sure to hear them all. However, the name does not affect your day to day responsibilities including how you will earn your money.

In short, your goal is to provide business loans to companies of all sizes with any type of credit – across a variety of industries.

When a company is unable to get the right answers from a traditional bank, your business can step in and save the day with loans ranging from $5,000 to over $500,000,000.

There are more than 25 different types of commercial loans. This makes it easy to offer the exact type of funding that the borrower is interested in. Some of the most common funding options include: accounts receivable financing, franchise financing, stock loans, purchase order financing, business acquisition financing, commercial real estate financing, unsecured business lines of credit, and equipment leasing.

commercial financing business opportunity

How do I earn money?

As with every type of business, you should focus largely on how you will earn money. With each loan you will earn anywhere from 1 to 15 percent. The final amount depends on the type of loan as well as the size of the transaction. In many cases, you will earn residual income on a one-time transaction.

With the ability to offer clients a full range of financial services, you can step in and fill the void for companies of varying sizes and industries.

This business opportunity gives you the ability to earn money in three distinct ways:

  • You charge your client direct.
  • The lender pays you a commission for referring business to them.
  • Vendor relationships such as customized financing programs.

With money sparse and many companies in need of funding to expand, purchase new equipment, or stay afloat, this finance related business opportunity is one to consider. The ability to earn money in three ways, while also helping others reach their goals, puts you in position to start and maintain a full-service financial business that is sure to stay strong for many years to come.

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