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free business credit report and score

Looking for a free credit report or credit score for your business? When building your business credit, you really want to stay on top of your score and keep your report clean and updated. Remember, your business credit is not easy to build as a personal credit score. It requires some work. As for the score and report themselves, there are a couple ways to go about getting them. I will list some sites that offer free business credit reports and also give you a brief outline of each one. Most of the credit reports that are “free” actually are not free at all, they require a credit card and give you a short period of time to get a partial credit report. When you choose to use one of these agencies, then please keep in mind it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription they will undoubtedly put you on. So, right after you get your report or score, then call them up and have them cancel it. It’s a pain, but hey! You want something for free, right? Free isn’t always easy. Ask any small business in the United States, or the world for that matter.

Get Denied for a Loan to get your report

While this is not the best way in the world to get a free credit report for your business, it is an effective way (albeit, time consuming as well).  It’s pretty simple really, apply for a loan or credit card that is really quick (make sure to apply with your businesses name). Something like a credit card works the best. After they deny you, they are required by law to send out a letter telling you why you were denied. When that letter get’s to you, it should tell you what reporting agency they used. Mail the letter along with a request for a business credit report to that reporting agency. Wait a couple weeks or more and you will get your 100% free credit report for your business. You won’t get your score, but you can probably figure it out or pay the $20 bucks online and buy a full detailed report.

This is by no means a great way of doing things. If your time and your business are worth more than $20, go ahead and splurge and pay for it. At least if you are going to try to get it for free, you can use the ’72 hour free’ type report. They will give you access to your score & report and put you on a monthly subscription (that you need to read the fine print to see). After you get your report, call the company and cancel the subscription. Still free, just requires a dash of credit card info and a little social engineering skills on the phone.

List of Free Business Credit Report Providers / Agencies:

So, you chose to go with option number two and pull the old 72 hour free report. Good for you. Let’s take a look at some companies where you can get your report “for free.”

D & B Credit Reports

See what banks, suppliers and potential business partners use to make crucial decisions about your business. Ensure your file is accurate and be the first to know whenever it changes. Try D & B’s 14 day free trial of the completely redesigned and easy to use DNBi Self Monitor. It’s D&B’s state of the art all-in-one Credit Management Solution.

Business Credit USA, or is a service of info group that allows you to check your credit report for free for 72 hours. They have large and small company info, names and info, credit ratings, scores, New UCC & Legal Filing data and more.

Other notable sources:

  • – Credit reports and scores are free from time to time with special offers.
  • Equifax – Same as above, from time to time Equifax offers free credit reports and scores with special offers.
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