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Grants in Florida

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Grants in Florida are available to residents in a variety of categories, most take advantage of the educational grants, business grants and housing grants offered. These grants are available to Florida residents only, although most states have similar grants available to their residents. The Federal Government is trying to boost our economy by providing its citizens with grants to continue their education, start up, expand, renovate or make purchases for their businesses, as well as to purchase their own homes. The grants available in Florida all have certain requirements for the applicants as well as terms and conditions to be followed in order to keep the grants monies without repayment.

What is a Grant?

A grant is a sum of money given by the Federal Government, in this case Florida State, for a particular purpose. There are a large variety of grants available in Florida State, typically residents take advantage of the education, business and housing grants. All monies received from a grant do not need to be repaid, unlike loans which require repayment with interest.

Commonly Used Categories of Grants in Florida

Educational grants -  Cover tuition costs and cost of living while attending college. There are many different types of grants under this category. To name a few;

First Generation Matching Grant Program.

Florida Public Post-secondary Career Education Student Assistance Grant Program.

Florida Student Assistance Grant Program.

Business grants – This type of grant is available to business owners and inspiring business owners. There are many different types of grants under this category. To name a few;

Small business grants – these can be used for renovations, remodels, expansions, equipment purchases and more.

Start up business grants – this provides inspiring business owners with money to start a new business, making the purchases need to do so.

Housing grants – This type of grant is available to resident meeting certain requirements, there are terms and conditions involved to keep this type of grant without repayment. ie. must live in home for 5 years and maintain the house hold repairs with yearly code enforcement inspections.

Low income housing grants.

Home buyer grants.

Home improvement grants.

Submitting Your Grant

Which ever category grant you are looking for in Florida be sure to research it, make sure you meet the requirements, and submit all documents with your application. Submitting your application and documents online can be the fastest way for the grant to process. Although some grants can take up to 12 months to process. Do not be deterred because grant monies do not need to be repaid so regardless to the time it takes to receive them they are 100% beneficial to you and your financial assistance needs.

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