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Business Credit and Personal Credit Score Tables

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Below you will find a scale that ranges bad to great for personal credit and business credit.

Personal Credit Scale

Personal Credit Score Description
760 – 849 Excellent score. The lender will offer you their best interest rate and best terms.
700 – 759 Great score. There won’t be any trouble in getting a loan at good interest rate.
660 – 699 Good score. There shouldn’t be any problem in getting a loan at good interest rate.
620 – 659 Fair score. You may qualify for a loan but you will not get a good interest rate.
580 – 619 Poor score. Chances are you will not qualify, if you do the interest rate will be very high.
500 – 579 Very poor score. It’s doubtful that you may qualify for the loan, and if you qualify, the interest rates will be extremely high.
500 and Below Extremely Bad Score. You almost certainly will not be able to qualify for any traditional loan.

Business Credit Scale

While there are several business credit bureaus, we chose to use the Duns & Bradstreet Profile Type.

Business Credit Score Description
0 – 24 No score or Bad. Non-traditional funding or personal loans will be the only funding you can get.
25 – 49 Fair score. You will probably need to personally guarentee a loan.
50 – 74 Good score. Vendors will feel comfortable doing business with you. Securing funding may take into account property owned.
75 – 100 Excellent Rating. Solid line of reporting vendors. Promptly paid invoices. You can secure funding based on your businesses credit.

Paydex Scale

Paydex Score Payment Expectation
100 Expect payment may come early
90 Payments generally come within early payment discount period
80 Payment is Prompt
70 Payment comes 15 days beyond terms
60 Payment comes 22 days beyond terms
50 Payment comes 30 days beyond terms
40 Payment comes 60 days beyond terms
30 Payment comes 90 days beyond terms
20 Payment comes 120 days beyond terms
UN Unavailable

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