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Business Loans Aren’t Just About Money

in Small Business

Don’t ever forget that getting a loan isn’t just about the money. When you choose to apply for a loan make sure you use a lender with whom you have been saving your money, making mortgage or credit card payments with, writing checks to, or you have a special relationship with. Granted, sometimes this will not be possible because your best bet to obtain financing will be from a specialty lender, but most of the time, it will.

When you apply for a loan at a community bank you have never set foot in, you are going to have a tough time obtaining capital from them. Lenders are [usually] people too, especially at community banks. Sure, they have a boss in a corporate office and a team of underwriters; but a personal note to an underwriter from the branch manager can make all the difference.  Establish relationships with your lenders, it’s extremely important.

What if you need money now?

If you absolutely need the money today and don’t have time to establish a relationship then you are going to have to do it the difficult way:  Build strong credit, back the loan with assets, be prepared to put a larger down payment on the loan and even take less attractive rates and conditions.

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