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Lease Broker Training. Industry Term, or Company?

in Loan Broker Training

“The best opportunity in America to break into the finance business”. This is what I was told by a nice blonde lady as soon as I visited their site. Yes, another automatic video on a website to make my experience better. Right? Why is it that Global Broker Systems, Lease Broker Training, and Blue Coast Savings all need to have automated videos? I was interested in reading your website not being sold by an automated advertisement. Just a thought.

So what about the program from Lease Broker Training? I think it is good. It seems low cost, and fairly intensive. I will always prefer to go the extra step and sit down with someone instead of taking an e-course. I just feel more comfortable meeting the instructor, having a personalized course, and being able to ask questions when I have them. The positive thing about doing an e-course is the fact that it is so cheap. $3,300+ seems like a reasonable cost if the program is what it is cracked up to be. I mean “The best opportunity in America to break into the finance business” is a pretty big statement and if you are able to get that on a compact disc than I need to quit life and start watching more DVD’s.

Allied Financial Group is the actual company behind the Lease Broker Training, and from a quick glance both companies have a decent online reputation. Usually the first time a broker training program rubs someone the wrong way they are running to places like to tell the world how they feel.

To sum everything up, I believe that Allied Financial Group’s “Lease Broker Training” can be a good value for the cost. It can be an alternative option to a place like Global, and can really save you some money. If I were looking for more information about their company I would give them a call, and consider hiring a private detective (based on cost of course. Don’t spend $4,000 investigating a company that charges $3,000 for their service. That is just not a good way to get started in the financial services business.

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