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Farm Credit Loans

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Farmers know the importance of farm credit loans, which is why most of them really make it a point to apply for one. A farming operation is similar to a conventional business entity in a sense that it also has specific funding needs. Even after a bountiful harvest, farmers, particularly those with small farming operations, need to secure funds to upgrade their farming and irrigation equipment or buy seeds and fertilizers.

Loans for Farmers and Farming

A network of lending institutions, comprised of regional farm credit banks, financing institution and some associations, provide this type of loan to farmers and ranchers, as well as producers and harvesters of aquatic products. This type of loan differs from conventional loans being offered by commercial banks. At present, more than 500,000 land and aquatic farmers and ranchers benefit from over 90 billion in loans provided by these network of lending institutions. Most of these funds are raised by selling notes and bonds through the financial market.

While it is true that farm credit loans are designed to help farmers and for agricultural development, individuals who live in rural areas can also apply for such loans. The regional farm credit banks also provide other financial services designed to provide farmers and individuals with other funding needs. These services include:

Operating loans

These are revolving lines of credit available to farm owners and operators. Farmers who are approved for such loans have the chance to gain access to additional operating capital, allowing them to take advantage of lock-in prices by making early payments, cash discounts, and also have the opportunity to receive tax benefits through prepayment of expenses. The best thing about operating loans is that it allows you to arrange the loan payments in such a way that it will match your crop or livestock earnings.

Crop Insurance

This is a valuable risk management tool purchased by farmers, growers and ranchers, to protect themselves against losses due to insects, bad weather conditions, fire, wildlife and diseases. Crop insurance is subsidized by federal agencies and are offered for sale by private insurance agents.

Irrigation Loans

As the name of the loan imply, it is designed to help farmers get the necessary funds required to set up an irrigation system on their farms.

Dual income or part-time farmers can also benefit from farm credit loans. Whether their need revolves around financing new equipment or establishing a separate line of credit for their farming enterprise, seeking a farm credit loan would definitely be a great option to take. The flexible loan terms of this type of funding option will allow them to sync their payments with their quarterly or monthly cash sales.

So whether you are a full-time or part-time farmer, you might want to consider applying for farm credit loans. Through this funding opportunity, you will be able to hurdle most, if not all, of the challenges present in this type of industry. With the help of farm credit loans, you will be able to efficiently steer the destiny of your farm to a more prosperous future.

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